10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Staying Faithful

Signs that your man is faithful

Even if you trust your guy, there may be moments of doubt. The first thing we say to ourselves is that our partner might be able to deceive us. To avoid doubting uselessly, we draw the 10 signs that prove that your guy is faithful.

It can not be repeated enough, but the most important thing in a relationship is trust. You must trust your darling, and vice versa.

The problem is that we all pass (and all) by small moments of doubt within his couple. And for a moment, we think maybe, just maybe, our guy could be unfaithful.

Even if it’s totally unjustified and everything is going very well in your relationship, a few quick questions may take you from time to time.

To try to reassure you a little bit, we have put together a list of the 10 proofs that your guy is not unfaithful. Obviously, not all features are to be taken literally!
Infidelity: the signs that he is faithful

He is not selfish

In many situations, adultery is a selfish act. If your boyfriend is the type to let you down, to cancel your plans at the last moment and he’s never there when you really need him, he’s probably the kind of man who will not hesitate to to not be fooled.

However, your darling can also be very caring and kind, but still deceiving you …

He is trustworthy

If your boyfriend tends not to lie, not to dodge some questions or to avoid you for a few days, it is that he is not the style to deceive.

Maybe he just knows how to lie, but the probability is slim.

He has no secrets

If, in the course of your relationship, you have repeatedly discovered that he was lying to you about important things (such as the fact that he lost his job six months ago), he is very likely to be able to lie to you about something else.

He is far too busy

His schedule, you know him by heart. And between his work, his bunch of friends and the sport, he really does not have much free time.

His only spare time, he does everything to spend with you. So, unless he gets up at night or has the same turnaround time as Harry Potter, we doubt he finds a moment to fool you.

You know almost everything in his life

If you tend to be jealous in love and have no problem mentioning having lunch with a colleague, you probably do not have to worry about it.

If he tells you his days, that he introduces you to his relatives, his friends, it is that he does not lie to you (and that he is not a follower of stashing, and that is a point for him). At the same time, do not freak out if you do not know all the names of the people he works with.

How to recognize a faithful man?

He never cheated before

If he has a good track record, it’s already reassuring! Conversely, it is not because he had to go with his ex that he will necessarily start again. We all learn from our mistakes!

You do not deceive him

If you’ve ever deceived him and he’s realized, he may want to take revenge. Be careful, you may be in a toxic relationship: there is no point in staying with a person if you spend your time hurting yourself.

You take care of him

We agree, whether you take care of him or not is not an excuse. But sometimes a person deceives because they feel abandoned, want to please, and so on.

However, if you take care of him, it can also happen that he cheats you anyway.

You have never seen any alarming signs

Although there may be no sign, many people realize the signs are too late. If he’s suspicious, he’s hiding his phone, he’s often missing, he’s hiding something from you.

You have a healthy sex life

In bed, everything is going very well and you love sex with him. This is still a non-negligible point.

Of course, even if you do not make love regularly, that does not mean that your darling is cheating on you!

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