“Libraries: Essential for Learning, Essential for Life”.  Molly Raphael – essential as ALA’s president. ALA’s president needs to have a thorough knowledge of the issues facing all types of libraries and their patrons: diversity, access, intellectual freedom, funding, lifelong learning, privacy…the list does not stop there. ALA’s president also needs to have a thorough knowledge of our Association. Molly Raphael has both. She has been a 30+ year active member of ALA with increasingly responsible positions: Council, ALA Executive Board, President of LLAMA, among others. Throughout her career she is a proven leader who works across divisions and across interests. When your ballot arrives by e-mail, vote and vote for Raphael. As your president, Molly Raphael will represent all of us.
Ann K. Symons
ALA President, 1998-1999
ALA Treasurer, 1992-1996
Librarian, The Anglo-American School of Moscow (Russia)

Molly Raphael has all the qualities and experience necessary to be one of ALA’s great Presidents. She has headed two of America’s top public libraries and moved both of them forward sometimes under trying and difficult circumstances. She is a seasoned politician in the best sense of the word because she has successfully worked with national, state and city officials. In her years as a public library director she has made a consistent effort to reach out and partner not only with representatives of area libraries of all types, but also with other organizations. Molly has an understanding of library work in all types of libraries, academic, public, school and special. Molly has shown that she has big vision and the skills to work with others to make good things happen for the library. Needless to say, Molly’s self-evident commitment to librarianship is both inspiring and commendable. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Molly will represent us well, no matter what happens. She has successfully lived and worked on the front lines of library work for many years. She will put this experience into practice for ALA. I urge you to vote for Molly Raphael, a seasoned and successful professional librarian.
Sarah Ann Long
ALA President, 1999-2000
Executive Director, North Suburban Library System (Wheeling, IL)

I’ve known and worked with Molly in so many capacities over the years. Now it’s time we all get to work with her as ALA President. Molly has distinguished herself as a leader in so many facets of our work from intellectual freedom to budgeting, from council to the executive board. She’s also had an illustrious career at libraries on both coasts. We’re fortunate that she has accepted nomination as ALA President. Let’s get her elected so she can ensure a bright future for ALA and the nation’s libraries.
Nancy Kranich
ALA President, 2000-2001

Molly is an exceptional library leader who has launched and sustained exemplary library services at the grassroots level, including services for children and youth, services to the deaf community, and in adult literacy. We need her imagination, guidance, and strength to help ALA and its members meet challenges to library services today.
Loriene Roy
ALA President, 2007-2008
Professor, School of Information, University of Texas

I strongly support Molly for the 2011-2012 ALA presidency. Molly has a depth of experience in public libraries dealing with critical issues and she has served ALA in a variety of capacities, including the Council and Executive Board. She also has multiple division experiences and served two terms on the Intellectual Freedom Committee, which is one of ALA’s key committees. Molly and I have interacted frequently over the years in our various leadership positions. I have always found her to be an effective leader – articulate, thoughtful, and energetic on behalf of America’s libraries.
Carla J. Stoffle
ALA Treasurer, 1988-1992
Dean, University Libraries, University of Arizona

The ALA President serves several roles–animator, spokesperson, advocate, board chair, council chair. Molly Raphael has a solid record of experience in many divisions and corners of the Association. She is well-known and well-respected as a national leader across boundaries. As a former ALA Board member with fiscal oversight she is particularly well-positioned to lead in challenging times.
Ken Haycock
President, American Association of School Librarians (AASL), 1997-1998
President, Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE), 2005-2006
Past President, Canadian Library Association and Canadian School Library Association
Professor and Director, San Jose School of Library and Information Science (CA)

I am thrilled to support Molly Raphael for ALA President. Her long and noted career puts her at the leading edge of library knowledge and understanding. In addition, Molly has been involved with ALA on many levels, from member to committee to division President, so she really “gets us.” I know she would do a Cracker-Jack job and would serve as a believable and intelligent spokesperson for America’s libraries and librarians. Join me in making Molly our next ALA President!
Jan Sanders
President, Public Library Association, 2007-2008
Director, Pasadena Public Library (CA)

Molly brings great knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment and national experience to the important post of ALA President. I know she will be an effective spokesperson for all libraries and I support her candidacy wholeheartedly!
Susan Hildreth
President, Public Library Association, 2006-2007
City Librarian, The Seattle Public Library (WA)

I have known Molly for well over thirty years-since we were both beginning librarians at the District of Columbia Public Library – and have long respected her impressive talent, unsurpassed “people skills,” and deep commitment and dedication to our profession. As Director of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (NC), past President of the Public Library Association, and former member of the ALA Executive Board and Council, I know both libraries and our professional association well. I have every confidence that Molly will bring vision, creativity, dedication/commitment and energy to the office of ALA President. Through her years of active and successful involvement in the field and this Association, I believe that she has earned this high honor, and I hope that you will join with me in enthusiastically supporting her well-deserved candidacy.
Charles M. Brown
President, Public Library Association, 1990-1991
Director of Libraries, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (NC)

I am very pleased to enthusiastically endorse Molly for ALA president. I met her through intellectual freedom activities and was impressed with her complete knowledge of and devotion to IF principles. In addition to her sound support for ALA core beliefs, Molly also understands the political process and knows how to advocate for library programs and positions. I support Molly without reservation, and I urge you to join me in voting for her.
June Pinnell-Stephens
President, Freedom to Read Foundation, 1994-1998
Recipient, Robert B. Downs Intellectual Freedom Award, 2003
Recipient, Freedom to Read Foundation Roll of Honor, 2004

It is certainly a pleasure to offer my endorsement of Molly Raphael for ALA President. Her many years of involvement in urban libraries, her role as a State Librarian, and her many years of active participation in ALA and other professional library organizations, make Molly uniquely qualified for holding this office. I would urge others who share her commitment to all types of library service to join me in supporting Molly Raphael as our next association President.
Raymond Santiago
Director, Miami-Dade Public Library System (FL)

I think that Molly and I cut our teeth on ALA together. We have a shared interest in Intellectual Freedom and a belief that the future of America’s libraries begins with our youth. Our paths have crossed in so many ways over the years, but one especially memorable experience for me was serving on the ALA Nominating Committee that Molly chaired. She was a wonderful chair, moving us through this important process in such a professional way. Molly’s resume speaks to her leadership abilities, and to her commitment to the membership of the American Library Association. I can speak to the fact that all types of libraries are important to Molly, and that she truly believes that every patron from all cultures must be served–-those young and old who walk through the doors of the nation’s public libraries, the students who use school libraries and college and university libraries, professionals and scholars who seek help in special libraries, and politicians and all Americans who need the collections of the Library of Congress. America’s libraries are our greatest resource. I think that Molly Raphael has the leadership style that ALA needs to help us stay focused in these tough economic times when our patrons need us the most.
Pat R. Scales
Director of the Library (retired), Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities (SC)

I have worked with Molly for many years in Washington, DC and I know she is just the kind of leader that ALA needs now. She is street smart, analytical, polished, energetic, and understands our profession from many perspectives. The thing that has always impressed me about Molly is in her inclusiveness — she seeks diverse points of view and approaches problems from many different sides. She is fast on her feet and I can’t think of anyone better qualified to represent the interests of our membership.
Robert R. Newlen
Assistant Director, Knowledge Services Group, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress (DC)

While there are many reasons why I wholeheartedly endorse Molly Raphael for ALA President, I really want to highlight three areas that have affected me personally.
Supporter of youth services. The majority of my public library career was spent as a children’s librarian and coordinator of children’s service at DCPL. I can truthfully say that Molly recognizes the importance and value of the work performed by children’s and young adult librarians. When given additional funding to expand overall library services, Molly funded my request for 3 new outreach positions to serve licensed childcare homes, despite opposition from other managers. In the face of competition for limited resources, she always tried to improve and expand youth programs and services.
Mentor for all. A firm believer in mentoring librarians through the different stages of their careers, Molly Raphael helped me move from a children’s librarian to coordinator and from deputy director to director. Functioning in the role of mentor, she looks outside of the box and beyond the stereotypes, providing effective advice and direction that results in the achievement of one’s professional goals.
Champion of diversity. At DCPL, Molly interacted effectively with all staff because she recognizes the strength and added value that comes from the diversity within the organization. She operated under the premise that diversity is not just about our differences but also about our similarities. It is no surprise that she was awarded the Arthur Flemming Civil Rights Award while director at Multnomah County.
Rose Dawson
Director of Libraries, Alexandria Library (VA)

As an employee of Multnomah County Library, I am pleased to endorse Molly Raphael for ALA President. Molly came to Multnomah County Library — an extremely good library system — in 2003. During her six-year tenure, she found ways to make it even better. Most notable was her focus on increasing service to un- or underserved populations: outreach to diverse audiences a priority. By her departure in 2009, the number of employees of color had increased by 50%, the number of bilingual positions by 209 percent. In 2008 she was awarded the prestigious Arthur Flemming Civil Rights Award for her efforts to increase diversity in library employment, collections and programming. This award is given by the Multnomah County Managers of Color in recognition of “initiatives and/or efforts designed to promote diversity, take risks, and demonstrate a commitment to equity of opportunity and services to all”. As both a Manager of Color and a library employee, I was proud that she received this much-deserved recognition. Molly finds ways to make everyone feel included. As a member of the Employee Relations Committee, I watched her build trust with represented staff through empathy, integrity, and a willingness to work with union members. Molly’s personal warmth and genuine caring has eased many potential crises. ALA will be lucky to have Molly as President. I know she’ll find ways to make us even better, too.
Patricia Welch
Branch Manager, Multnomah County Library (OR)

I had the pleasure to meet Molly shortly after moving to Washington, DC from Los Angeles. At the time, I was president of the REFORMA DC Metro Area Chapter and working full time for the DC Public Library. I always remember how supportive Molly was of me and other new librarians. On one occasion, I asked Molly to host a meeting for the local REFORMA chapter; she did not hesitate and was present at the meeting. Molly has been a supporter of new librarians and ethnic library organizations, such as REFORMA – The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking.
Mario A. Ascencio
National President, REFORMA, 2007-2008
Library Director, Corcoran Gallery of Art / College of Art + Design (DC)

I have worked with Molly Raphael in a variety of contexts for over a decade. I know from first-hand experience that she will be highly effective in addressing ALA’s priorities and representing all segments of the association’s membership. She is a successful administrator who knows ALA thoroughly. She also is ready and able to speak forcefully for libraries of all types. I enthusiastically endorse her candidacy. She will make a superb ALA president in 2011-12.
Ray English
Director of Libraries, Oberlin College (OH)

I wholeheartedly endorse Molly Raphael because of her inspiring leadership and indispensable support of school-public library collaborative initiatives and programs while I was a school librarian and throughout her years at District of Columbia Public Library. Also, I champion her exemplary promotion of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday observance while demonstrating his philosophy in both her professional and personal life.
Virginia (“Ginny”) B. Moore
Librarian, Oxon Hill Library, Prince George’s County Memorial Library System (MD)
Librarian (retired), Anacostia Senior High School, District of Columbia Public Schools

Molly Raphael is a strong advocate for all types of libraries and our users. Particularly with her successful experience as director of major library systems and on the ALA Board, she will be a tremendous leader and influential spokesperson for the ALA. In addition, she projects a positive and professional image of librarians, and is a great role model for those who might consider joining the field.
Helen H. Spalding
President, Association of College & Research Libraries, 2002-2003
University Librarian/Professor, Portland State University (OR)

As a library director, Molly Raphael consistently supported youth services. But it was so much more than that: Molly really Gets It. Her sincere belief in the value of youth services was evident throughout her tenure here at Multnomah County Library. I believe it would be the same if she is given the opportunity to lead the Association: youth services would have a prime place on Molly’s agenda.
Nell Colburn
Chair, Caldecott Award Committee, 2009
Raising-A-Reader Coordinator, Multnomah County Library (OR)

I first met Molly in the early 1970s when we both worked at the DC Public Library. At that time, Molly wanted to learn about sign language and deaf culture. Molly encouraged me to go to library school for my master’s degree as she saw potential in me as a future library leader. In those years, there were no structures within ALA that would benefit its members who are culturally deaf or have any type of hearing loss. Because of Molly’s influence, I have since become a spokesperson for people who have faced communication barriers in the library because of a disability or language difference. Molly has always been ahead of her time. Now she is a candidate for ALA President-elect with an extraordinary record of commitment to addressing issues of culture, disability and diversity. Please join me in voting for her.
Alice L. Hagemeyer, MLS
ALA Honorary Member
President, FOLDA (Friends of Libraries for Deaf Action)
Librarian for the Deaf Community, DC Public Library (retired)

I enthusiastically endorse Molly Raphael for the position of ALA President.  Molly’s skills and experience are the perfect combination to ensure her success in this critical role.  As Director of the Multnomah County Libraries for the past six years, she made a strong public library system even stronger and more responsive to the needs of all parts of the community.  Her recent service as President of ALA’s Library Leadership and Management Association is only one example of her remarkable history of contributions to the profession.  Molly is a superb leader and collaborator, with a deep understanding of the importance of libraries and the power they have to change lives.  She is a great communicator who has the ability to inspire people to work together to achieve their goals.  As a long-time member of ALA, I would be proud and excited to have Molly Raphael as our association’s president.
Victoria Hanawalt
Norman F. Carrigg College Librarian, Reed College (OR)

It is an honor to endorse Molly for President of ALA. She is a long time friend and colleague who exemplifies the leadership skills necessary to move our association forward. I am particularly pleased to count Molly as one of our important leaders and advocates for Intellectual Freedom. Her many roles within the Intellectual Freedom community including the Board of the Freedom to Read Foundation have provided her an essential perspective in which to lead our association in this critical area.
Kent Oliver
President, Freedom to Read Foundation, 2009-10
Executive Director, Stark County District Library (OH)

Molly, with her public library experience, and I, with an academic librarian perspective, have worked together since 1989 to pursue mutual goals. Molly’s commitment to library service for the entire community extends to forging relationships with school, academic and special libraries. She proactively works to strengthen libraries through her involvement with local library associations and consortia and her outreach to professional colleagues. Through her involvement professionally she is a role model for other librarians.
Patricia A. Wand
Dean, Library and Learning Resources, Zayed University
Abu Dhabi and Dubai, United Arab Emirates

THE RIGHT PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME. I am solidly behind Molly as a candidate for ALA President. Molly brings all of the necessary experience and skill to this challenge. She IS the right person at the right time. An established, innovative leader in the library world, Molly is also an extremely experienced ALA member leader. The insight gained while serving on the Executive Board and as a Chair/member of BARC will be essential aspects of what Molly will bring to the role of ALA President. Having very recently served as the President of LLAMA, Molly will also be able to have the perspective of the Divisions while leading ALA. Molly has a proven record of knowledge, concern and action in the areas of diversity, intellectual freedom, advocacy and literacy, all of which are ALA key action areas. I feel that Molly will guide the activities of ALA thoughtfully, objectively and skillfully. I am prepared to work hard to help Molly Raphael become our ALA President.
Vivian R. Wynn
Wynn Library Consulting (TN)

Although I have not worked directly with Molly, I have been a colleague of hers for many years, and I have observed on numerous occasions her support for youth services. I believe that she would be a strong advocate for children, teens and their families if she were to be elected president of ALA.
Micki Freeny
Coordinator of Children and Youth Services, District of Columbia Public Library

Molly Raphael’s breadth of professional experience, her ability to work effectively in different library systems, east and west coast, and her desire to continue serving ALA after retiring from her full-time work to devote her energy, talent, and dedication to ALA reflect Molly’s deliberate and dedicated focus on continuing to advocate for libraries and their goals.

As a former public school librarian and current member of Multnomah County’s Library Advisory Board, I have had the opportunity to work with and observe Molly’s ability to serve effectively as director. She worked well with the public, was instrumental in helping to pass a tax levy early in her tenure, and supported programs that positively affected children, preschool through high school. Molly is a listener, an observer, and a leader, interfacing well with the community, articulating and advocating so that all audiences understand and appreciate the role and importance of libraries.
Marian Creamer
School Librarian (retired), Riverdale School District (OR)
Vice-Chair, Multnomah County Library Advisory Board
President, Children’s Literature Alive!

I am pleased to endorse Molly Raphael’s candidacy for ALA president. She brings a wealth of experience as a librarian, library manager, and ALA member. Her LLAMA presidency was memorable and inspiring, and reflected the keen organizational insights she gained while a member of the ALA Board. Molly will make a great ALA president.
Bede Mitchell
President, Library Leadership and Management Association, 2007-2008
Dean of the Library, Georgia Southern University

I’m endorsing Molly Raphael for ALA President because I know she can work effectively for better funding for school, public and academic libraries. I have seen her advocacy skills in action in my state. I know she’ll be a champion for increasing our support from elected officials at all levels of government.
Jim Scheppke
State Librarian, Oregon State Library

It is an honor and pleasure to share my enthusiastic support for Molly Raphael as our next President of the American Library Association. Molly has been an excellent leader in libraries and ALA. She is experienced, committed, determined and good natured. She will be an exceptional President.
Peggy Barber
Former ALA Associate Executive Director for Communication
Principal, Library Communication Strategies, Inc. (Chicago, IL)

I wholeheartedly endorse Molly Raphael for ALA President! As the Executive Director of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library (FVRL), located across the river from Multnomah County, I have worked with Molly during her tenure as MCL director. I couldn’t have had a better library director for a neighbor. She has been active in our regional library partnership PORTALS, which was primarily composed of academic libraries, plus FVRL and Multnomah County. She has been a valuable source of excellent counsel. While MCL director I always noted that she maintained a national perspective, with an eye on issues affecting all libraries. Her campaign slogan, “Libraries: essential for learning, essential for life”, captures the essence of the message libraries need to communicate to the public today. Molly Raphael will make an outstanding ALA President.
Bruce Ziegman
Executive Director, Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (WA)

Molly’s decades-long involvement in public libraries speaks for itself. Her commitment to ALA is unsurpassed and her experience will give her a valuable perspective on leading the organization in these dynamic and challenging times.
Vailey Oehlke
Director, Multnomah County Library (OR)

I worked with Molly at the DC Public Library for more than 30 years. She is a thoughtful leader who navigated a sometimes difficult landscape to improve library services for all. She will be a wonderful President of ALA.
Roxanna Deane
Director, Tye Preston Memorial Library (TX)

Count me as one one of your supporters! I applaud your commitment to intellectual freedom. To paraphrase Clark Kerr, late president of the Unversity of California: “The purpose of a library is to make people safe for ideas, not ideas safe for people.”
Sue Kamm
Head of Audio-Visual Services, Inglewood Public Library (CA)